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TOLOnews, Afghanistan’s first 24-hour station dedicated to news and current affairs, launched its terrestrial broadcast in August of 2010. It serves Afghans growing appetite for the most up to date news, both domestic and international, across broadcast, the web, and social media.
TOLOnews is an extension of the nation’s popular TOLO TV, both part of MOBY Group, a leading regional media organization.TOLOnews is Afghan owned and operated, a philosophy reflected in MOBY’s other local stations TOLO TV, LEMAR TV, ARMAN FM and Arakozia FM.
Its apolitical format is trusted and respected by audiences, and its programs provide an unparalleled level of in-depth current affairs coverage spanning across Afghanistan’s political, cultural and regional interests.
In Afghanistan, TOLOnews often breaks stories that lead regional and international headlines. More importantly, it is reaching Afghans in remote provinces as well as connecting those in the global diaspora. Boasting the largest newsroom in the country, TOLOnews has recruited over 100 news professionals that now lead the development of the Afghan media industry, which was nonexistent less than a decade ago.
TOLOnews broadcasts in Dari and Pashto, and is available via the internet and social media in English, Dari and Pashto. It’s website,, is one of the most popular news sites in Afghanistan


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  • Tajwar Jan

    افسوس به اطفالی که در روز انتخابات کشته شدند و کلک های که بریده شدند. جنگ سالاران بصورت مطلق ویا نیمه مطلق در حکومت ماندند.

  • SherRahman Noori

    توسط یک جاغورمرمی طرف دشمن میرود این رامیگویندسربازکه صبح به ایدازیمیاید که چی رقم مردم ازاری کنیم…

  • Tajwar Jan

    ملت افغان ! لطفاً به آنعده از وکیلانی که کارت سبز بلند کرده اند دیگر رای ندهید. انها در غم ملت نه بلکه در غم جیب خود هستند.

  • سيدقدير

    بعدازين زمان راي به وكلاي بارلمان فعلي از لحاظ ايمان زير سوال جدي قرار دارد

  • Mohammad younes

    وکلای پارلمان در غم جیب خود اند نه در فکر ملت، اگر بگوئیم حسن بیخار اند بهتر خواهد بود. به استثنای عده محدودی.