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Tolo TV Live Stream Info Tolo’ means sunrise or dawn in Dari and Pashto, and symbolises the beginning of a new era for Afghans. Tolo TV was launched in October 2004, becoming one of the first commercial television stations to operate in Afghanistan and laying the foundations for an accessible media outlet offering local and international news, sports, a current affair, movies, comedy, serials, documentaries, music, children’s programming, lifestyle and entertainment shows. Tolo TV was first launched in Kabul but as at November 2007, has broadcasts in 14 cities in Afghanistan on free-to-air and throughout the region by satellite. Popular program on tolo tv is Afghan Star, Voice of Afghanistan, Minute, different Afghan tv serials, Showing latest Afghan Music with HD quality. It is one of favorite Tv channels among Afghans.

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  • i like wadi gorg ha

  • Fariha Ali Dehzad 4 months ago

    tolo tv have now no voice plz fix it

  • Yaftali Ahmad 3 months ago

    aziz yaar zyaad lawda aste bacheem koshesh mekne mazaq knee ama nametanee lawada too nataq aste kame aram bash gosala dandanayt tamsa ware ast

  • we can watch the tolo tv but no vice i mean it is mote please do some thing to watch our best tv tolo tv thank you.

  • Sorry i am in HARAT city

  • no voice for almost one week can somebody help us please?

  • Hasibullah Azizi 2 months ago

    سلام به تمام کارمندان عزیز تلویزیون طلوع وتشکرمیکنم از این که فعلان بهتر میتوانم برنامه های تلویزیون طلوع را آنلاین ببینم !
    حسیب الله "عزیزی" از هندوستان

  • Atif Mominzada 1 month ago

    good but it is very slow it lags so much and it makes everyone mad please do something

  • Anonymous 1 month ago

    Can Tolo Tv air best Turkish drama "Suskunlar"?
    I am sure Pakistan will air it soon. I want Tolo Tv to do better than Pakistani channels. Suskunlar was recognized as the best Turkish series and won an Oscar award. It is currently aired in many Arabic countries and has gained a lot of viewers.

  • sadaf 1 month ago

    salam jan

  • سلام به تمام کارمندان عزیز تلویزیون طلوع وتشکرمیکنم از این که فعلان بهتر میتوانم برنامه های تلویزیون طلوع را آنلاین ببینم اما تلویزیون طلوع کمی ضعیف است !

  • تشریفتشکر