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Shamshad tv Live Stream Description The last 24 years of war have destroyed our cultural, economic, and educational infrastructure in Afghanistan. The educational system has particularly suffered from the ravages of war and neglect. The Pashtoons who are the majority, living in the most troubled area of both side of the borders between Afghanistan and Pakistan remained uneducated due to the lack of schools, colleges and universities. Lack of education and knowledge, young generation especially women and children remained unaware of their outside world. They are influenced by the fundamentalists, warlords, drug-Mafia and irresponsible people.
The country has witnessed many occasions where the innocent women, children and civilians have been killed through suicidal attacks and aerial bombardments. It will take many years to bring our people to the point where we could educate them with newspapers or magazines. They need information on vital economic and social affairs. Radio and TV provide a very important information media to educate people about peace, democracy, civil society, gender, and drug and health issues.
In the last three decades or so, the presence of Russians, communist regime, fundamentalists as affected the relation of the Afghan people with the International Community. Afghanistan and its people should be capable enough to use media as an effective weapon instead of arms to fight and respond to the enemies more politically, diplomatically and wisely. It’s important to educate them so they can learn abut other nations who have been through similar turbulent and traumatic times and situations and how they brought themselves back from war and poverty to a position of peace and prosperity.



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  • Qais Jaan

    salaam to all viewers around the world please guys cast your vote for the right candidate and do not look at ones ethnicity let the right person be the ruler of the country which can lead us to a prosperous future just a polite request to the candidate we do not want any covenants we want results

  • Jan bahlol

    Salam in application if we download from store in mobile just some channels work other is hide plz make this problem thanks

  • Haji Mashal

    De shamshad tv dresto karkawunko ta salamuna wlande kawu le taso hila kawu che de shamshad tv khparawene de express 22- 53daraje b d pasapoki khporkliy terso che po jhwaday toga le tv sekha staso khparawane wugoru dera manina

  • Shirahmad

    Salam to all my afghan brothers and sisters

  • Mujeebullah Ahmadzai

    Assalamualaikum to all my Afghan brother and sister i am watching Shamshad TV from Malaysia right now. thank you from your very good and useful programs

  • Basir Ullah

    Salam Ali Kom dera manan staso la Shamshad Tv na :D

  • ډاکتر ایمل مؤحدغنی

    شمشاد نړوال تلویزون د افغانانو د هویت ښکارندوی ، مونږ د نور تلویزونو څخه هم هیله کوو چی د شمشاد پڅیر پالیسی دی اختیار کړی،ځکه شمشاد د ټولو افغانانو لپاره دی،شمشاد په افغانی ژبو پروګرامونه خپروی، شمشاد نړوال تلویزون زیات خپل تولیدات لری او د خپلو افغانانو څخه کار اخلی او پروګرامونه خپل اولس ته د شمشاد په ښیښه باندی وړاندی کووی.

  • sajid

    ده شمشاد تلويزون محترم مسؤلينو سخه هله لرم جي ده دين خبرونو فرمهال ده تنك تكور يعني موشقي أعلان ياوقفة خبرنكري زكه دا ددي خبروني سره نه خاي

  • saifudin tokhy

    da shamshad tv muhtaramu masulinu sa hella kawam .da dree wazee kezee shamshd tv pa sweden kee par inter net sha nashkara kawee..taswer aw khabaree dwara kharaee dee….hella da pa fam ke i wanasee

  • saifudin tokhy


  • marita anderse

    salaam there is something wrong with the signals on channel us you picture rolls all the time can you help us we use the network in Norway one day good and some days bad signals with Shamshad TV
    Chat conversation end

  • marita anderse

    salam de shamshad tv channel not working poor coverage Shamshad TV or just trash TV channel you need to fix it now has been so for 4 days

  • Haji Mashal

    This channel not working say no signal

  • marita andersen

    salam the Shamshad TV what happens with the channel’s signals you do not fail you do not conversational fix it so we can look at the channel sits you just butt not doing anything thing we’ve sent many meling but you do not have the stuff to take out fingers to take to fix the channel then now I’m mad

  • saifudin tokhy

    salam, pa sweden ke par net signal nawar kawee…hella da ghawer par wakee

  • Basir Ullah

    PA Norway ke hum kar nakwey :(

  • Noorullah

    No Signal!

  • safi

    No Signal!

  • Tarek

    work very well .i enjoy this channel from France :)

  • atiqullah

    signal ne warkawi

  • khaisazae

    mashallah vere nic voice

  • Haji Mashal

    Grano watanwalo taso che de wine po badal mu khpole raye wokarawole aw de yaw prakha bansata hokumat che de liyaqat pohe takhasos aw tajrobe po asas yaw qawi ratlunkay hokmat po tama wey dase wunashu .po dwayema palaw ke de tesh po name de prakhe darghaleyo po palma de gawandiyo de istekhbarato po larshowona aw hamkarey zeno zorwako kaleyo lekhwa dandare raporta shwel che lara ye da ninani hokumat de siyasat de dawam lepara khlasa kla che ratlunkay hokumat ba ket met de shaghilai Karzai de hokumat po shan wi aw wolosmesher baye be salahiyata de tesh poname wolosmesher wi aw hes badlun ba de hokmati aw ghayri hokmati sawkeyo ke ba wunelidilshi aw hara dala ba khpola barkha wakhli (hamagha katow aw hamagha shalgham) zema po feker wos ham nawakhta ne da 100%po 100% de raye woshmerelishi sok che de pako rayo po asas barialay elan shu worta mubaraki wowayelshi aw baylunkay bayad de hagho doroghjano dandaro po asas che khalek ye sara achawoli wo le dresto imtiyazunu sekha mahrum aw sarawaley ta de wupozhandelshi.

  • Haji Mashal

    leka che wayi ( morabi dari moraba noshijan kon )Afghanistan che dase yaw ansan dosta aw solhdosta jamhor rayis lari kelache hagha sakhte wahshi aw lere le insanyata jenayat kran hce po selguno be gonah khalk ye wazhilewu che gan khaleke po marmuza aw wahshi dawla shahidan kele wu be le palatene aw be le ghawra de hegho de dosio po wriina tenda le banda khwoshe kezhi aw jenayatkar po saza nerasezhi albata ba de jinayi jormuno skacha lewala kezhi .

  • ajmal

    de ra manana da shamshad tv na de re khaysta khpa ra wane la re

  • Zbair Sasi

    ســلامــونــه اونـيـکـي هــيـلـي ده شـمـشـاد تـلـويـزون ټـولـوکـارکـوونـکـوتـه؛
    ســتـاسـوپـروګـرامـونـه ټـول ســم اوبـاسـلـيـقـه دي خـوصـوصـا شـمـشـاد پـه
    پـه اروپـاکـي زمـاډيـرخـوه خ دي مــنـنـه ، زوبـيـرصـافـي ،

  • Ahmed Zia

    یاره دا شمشاد د افغانستان تر تولو وروسته پاتی تلویزیون دی داسی خر پر او بی خونده خپرونی لری چی سری پری شرمیژی ولا یا یی بند کری یا سم ال سی دی سکرین باندی خپرونی وکری…خدای مو خوار کره په دی تلویزیون! داسی

  • sayedrahman

    شمشاد ده افغانستان په سطح اول ټلویزون دی چي ډير کتونکی ده نړۍ په ګوټ ګوټ کی لری ده افغانانو زړه او اعتماد قهرمان شمشاد

  • kamal khan

    Asalam o alakum , every one . we are lucky that we have Shamshad tv ,which shows fact ,reality , it’s also shows our true culture ,customs ,traditions , its the predestination of a patriot afghan,i mean AFGHAN ,

    Shamshad always shows a very good program to woldwide , its a base to united all afghan on one platform ,IN SHA ALLAH these efforts will be secede one day , and we will see pros paras ,independent , and free crime Afghanistan in sha allah ,

    good wishes KAMAL paktiawal

  • جمعه

    اسلام اختطاف شدبضلالت رفت,چطور؟: ١)عین کلام,گفتار,رفتارمحمدی که به رسم تحریردرآمده بود(همه سنت محمدی)راجمع آوری کردندوآتش زدندوقال رسول راممنوع قراردادند(سنت محمدی را) ٢) اصل قرآنهای تحریرشده ی خودزمان محمدی باشاءن نزول,تفسیروتفصیلش نوشته شده بودسوختاندند! ٣) ولی وخلیفه خداوند(اهل علم)راهمه ازصدراسلام انداختندوکشتند!!! اسلامتراازکه بایدبیاموزی نه از اهل علم؟قضاوتت درکجاست؟ برای نجات خودحق رادریاب!

  • shahyarafridi

    dayr khaa channel daa

  • Yaqoob

    Good stantared

  • Yaqoob

    Zhwandee wo wosai Afghanano……… Salam Staso tolo ta ……. Shamshad Zindabad

  • Yaqoob

    Ka mi mina pashtane na no janan ma rata waya….
    Ka mi sar pa watan war na ko no afghan ma rata waya…
    Da loye khudai pa aman

  • yaqoob

    Today very week signal!

  • Haji Mashal

    Behtar me bud agar Aqayi Kare ba hayse ya dzhandarm wa ya rayisi nazirin shomarishi ara intikhabat tayin meshodand dar an zaman shomreshi ara bisiyar ba sorat ba pesh meraft ze ra kilidi asliyi natijayi intikhabat na badasti mardom wa na ba dasti kandidan ast faqat wa faqat ba dasti aqayi Kare mebashad

  • khan thanai

    mohammdkhan thanai

  • khan thanai

    sallm staso taole kapravane da khadr war de

  • ibrahim

    shamsha is the only tv chennal in afghanistan that we can watch in our family thanks shamshad tv long life

  • ځدراڼ

    زه غواړم چه د شمشاد ټی وي سره کار وکړم

    ځدرآن المان

  • mohammadkhan

    salam abdulha abdulha and atammd noor malie kaeenan de rastia waee ch mar ta pa lastooneke zae ma warkaoa

  • Ehsan Wardak

    wakil sahib dire khe khabare wakri

  • jan

    سلامو علیکوم ده شمشاد وتولو کار که ونکوته بعده له سلامه
    یودیر موهیم خبر می تر لاسه کر چی یوه پلار خپله لور چی عمر
    یی 15 کلن دی یوه 75 کلن سفینژیریته ورکرل ولور یی 4000000
    پاکیستانی روپی کلداری دا پیشه ده کندهار په دامان ولسوالی کی رامینزته سوی ده
    یو دیر نامتو مشر حاجی روی محمد ته چی ده کندهار ده سوپریم کمپنی ده
    زمکی مالیک هم دی دا کمپنی ده کندهار ده ملی اوردو او ده میدانی هوایی سره موقیت
    لری او سبا شفه یی واده دی که تاسو سه کولاشی نو ژرترژره یی
    اقدام وکری

  • saifudin tokhy

    salam la sweden sa,,,shamshad signal nawar kawee saharaheesa….no signal..wali kair dee

  • qasim khan

    da shamshad walee kar na kawee

  • Naseeb khan

    salam da shmashad pa pakistan ke kar wleee na kaweeee

    Naseeb ullah kakar la Quetta sakha

  • saifudin tokhy

    hella kawam malomat rakee chi wali shamshad pa sweden ke kar nakawee

  • khan