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Shamshad tv Live Stream Description The last 24 years of war have destroyed our cultural, economic, and educational infrastructure in Afghanistan. The educational system has particularly suffered from the ravages of war and neglect. The Pashtoons who are the majority, living in the most troubled area of both side of the borders between Afghanistan and Pakistan remained uneducated due to the lack of schools, colleges and universities. Lack of education and knowledge, young generation especially women and children remained unaware of their outside world. They are influenced by the fundamentalists, warlords, drug-Mafia and irresponsible people.
The country has witnessed many occasions where the innocent women, children and civilians have been killed through suicidal attacks and aerial bombardments. It will take many years to bring our people to the point where we could educate them with newspapers or magazines. They need information on vital economic and social affairs. Radio and TV provide a very important information media to educate people about peace, democracy, civil society, gender, and drug and health issues.
In the last three decades or so, the presence of Russians, communist regime, fundamentalists as affected the relation of the Afghan people with the International Community. Afghanistan and its people should be capable enough to use media as an effective weapon instead of arms to fight and respond to the enemies more politically, diplomatically and wisely. It’s important to educate them so they can learn abut other nations who have been through similar turbulent and traumatic times and situations and how they brought themselves back from war and poverty to a position of peace and prosperity.


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    Zhwandee wo wosai Afghanano……… Salam Staso tolo ta ……. Shamshad Zindabad

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    Today very week signal!

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    Behtar me bud agar Aqayi Kare ba hayse ya dzhandarm wa ya rayisi nazirin shomarishi ara intikhabat tayin meshodand dar an zaman shomreshi ara bisiyar ba sorat ba pesh meraft ze ra kilidi asliyi natijayi intikhabat na badasti mardom wa na ba dasti kandidan ast faqat wa faqat ba dasti aqayi Kare mebashad