1TV, a private and independent station, aired its first programs in early 2010. Today it is one of the fastest growing, most watched television channels in Afghanistan. With hard-hitting news reports and high-impact current affairs programs, 1TV provides material that is balanced, objective, and factual. It airs programs 24 hours per day, following news and informative programs with a wide range of entertainment programs from countries all over the world.
1TV was the first Afghan channel to develop and televise a live studio debate, producing internationally acclaimed programs ‘Kabul Debate Live’ and ‘The Mask’. 1TV partners with Euro News and the BBC to provide coverage on world news.


Afghan TV


  • Painkiller

    the situation we all are having in our country afghanistan is different from most countries in the world. therefore is nothing wrong with having two presidents. we all have to quit listening are acting lika a puppet-master from our enemies, they never wanted our country to have peace. what we can do is to ignore negative outcomes being feed to our people. and we have to not let other countries or enemies to decide for whats good for us. Please remember past and work on future.be omide Afghanistan azad va mostaghel

  • Said Arasteh

    لطفا مقام ریاست جمهوری را با دین مرطبت نسازید
    دین راه دیگری دارد که با عقاید مغزی و روحی مرطبت است
    ولی سیاست با کتاب قانون و با مردان یا زنان اهنین
    ما ین را میخواهیم